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Tan takes a creampie load

18 year old Tan was front and center on her GoGo stage in Patpong as I wandered past her bar. She was only wearing a string bikini so I stopped dead in my tracks to stare at her. Of course the door patrons mumble their bullshit you lure you inside, but I thought what the hell. The mamasan was eager to bar fine her first girl of the evening, so I took teen Tan back to a short time room and gave her a belly full of spunk.

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Sucker for big titties!

I’m a huge sucker for huge titties. I don’t care if the girl looks like a mop. If she has big juggs, I’ll bone her like a monkey on an uncle. A little condom trickery and she was creampie satisfied. As far as the other girls, well let’s see. Two teen girls with one creampie…easy. Next girl was a condomless creampie fan, and the final girl took a little romancing but the ultimate pie eventually made it deep inside her.

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